New Facebook Game Gourmet Ranch

What is Gourmet Ranch?

Gourmet Ranch is a new Facebook game launched early this year by Playdemic. It’s a combination of farming and running a cafe. As Playdemic’s plan to oust Zynga on it’s throne in the Facebook game applications kingdom, Playdemic created a game that is like a hybrid of FarmVille and cafe world.

The Basics of the Game

The basics of the game is that you farm what you will later cook. You will need to grow the ingredients for your restaurant. To level up in the game, you need XP from farming, cooking and decorating your ranch. To earn coins, you must cook your produce to serve your restaurant customers or trade you foods and produced with your friends.

Tips and Strategies.

For maximum XP and coins, you must unlock ingredients that yields the highest XP and profit. To do so you must know the chain of ingredients for example; Grapes –> Kiwi Fruit –> Passion Fruit –> Pomegranate –> Red Grapes

To unlocked ingredients you need keys, every time you level up you’ll be given two keys, you must use this keys wisely, some ingredients need 3 or more keys to unlock. Another way to acquire keys is by buying it using Gourmet Ranch Credits (cash), but this is rather expensive (at $5 per key).

Have as many neighbors as possible because you earn % XP each time you visit a neighbor, and another 5 XP each by fertilizing, spicing and feeding the animals on your neighbors farm, a total of possible 25XP per neighbor visit.

The Best Dishes to Cook to Level Up Faster
Currently, the best food to cook for earning maximum XP per hour because they cook fast, in about 3 to 5 minutes.

* Guacamole Platter (also extremely profitable for coins earned)
* Cup of coffee
* Strawberry Tart
* Apple Pie
* Blueberry Muffin
* Blackberry Crumble
* Avocado and Walnut Soup
* Cup of Tea

The Best ingredient to unlock is one which is used in many dishes and yields more coins, and the best one is Cocoa Beans (in Grains): is an ingredient in many dishes – Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Nut Tart, Black Forest Gateau, Chocolate Nut Cookies, and Chocolate Orange Cake.

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